Submitting a claim. Step by step.

Our Legal Counsellors have extensive experience and training. They are able to advise you, write letters on your behalf and attempt to resolve legal issues without going to court.

The Legal Counsellors will review and assess your situation and refer you appropriately to our Panel of Attorneys if needed. LegalWise will cover the legal expenses should your matter need representation*.

Given the duration of court proceedings, please note that your matter is unlikely to be finalised immediately.

You are welcome to contact a Claims Assessor at Head Office for general queries and progress on your matter.

Step 1: Consultation

  • Phone your Branch (the telephone number is on your Membership card) or go to the LegalWise Branch in Gaborone.  Suite 302, 3rd Floor East-Wing, Turnstar, Plot 1131-37, Queens Road, Main Mall, Gaborone.
  • Answer all the Legal Counsellor's questions so that your matter can be properly assessed.
  • You will also need to provide the Legal Counsellor with all the information and documentation that supports your legal problem. To do this, you may need to go into the Branch if you originally consulted over the phone.

Step 2: Referral Assessment

  • The Legal Counsellor will establish if your legal matter should be referred to an Attorney.
  • This is a basic assessment and may take a few hours or a few days.
  • Your matter will also be assessed in terms of the LegalWise Membership Agreement.

Step 3: Referral Approval

  • If the Legal Counsellor is of the opinion that your matter should be referred to an Attorney, a referral letter will be generated and the full claims process will be explained to you. You will then be required to sign an indemnity form.
  • You may select your own Attorney, but you will be liable for any fees charged in excess of the LegalWise tariff.

Step 4: Claims Submission

  • On consultation with the Attorney, a minimal excess fee is payable by you unless it has been waived.
  • The Attorney will then complete the necessary claim forms for submission to LegalWise.
  • On receiving the forms, LegalWise will determine if all the terms and conditions in the Membership Agreement have been met, for example:
    Your matter must have a good chance of success, your premiums must be up to date, the matter is contentious, the legal problem arose in Botswana during the period of indemnity and the matter must not be excluded, for example, business activities.

Step 5: Assessment of Claim

  • On completion of the assessment, LegalWise will decide on one of the following options:
    One: Request more information to complete the assessment and determine the cover.
    Two: Repudiate your claim.
    Three: Cover the claim, in terms of the prescribed tariffs.

*Terms & Conditions apply