Claims Procedure

  • The Member is first assisted at the Branch and all internal remedies must be exhausted.
  • Once all internal remedies are exhausted and the matter cannot be settled or resolved by our  para-legals or Legal Counsellors (in House Attorneys),
  • The matter is then referred to an Attorney
  • The attorney will contact the Member and consult with the Member and 
  • Then submit a claim to the LegalWise Claims Department
  • The claims department will liaise with the Attorney - and Member(if needed)
  • Thereafter, the claim will either be covered or rejected and
  • If it is covered, the Attorney will continue with matter subject to terms and conditions and the claims department will check on progress of claim.
  • Member will receive progress during the lifetime of the claim.

Changing of Attorneys

We do not pay Legal Expenses duplicated by changing Lawyers or incurred because the Member does not co-operate with the Lawyer handling a Matter.
In the event of such matters, We shall assess our liability carefully.

*Terms and conditions apply