Monthly Premium

P 195 per month


P 195 000


Cash pay-out for legal expenses in the case of the accidental death of the main Member.

P 19 200

Policy Benefits

  • LegalWise provides legal counselling and assistance and covers legal fees* per matter for criminal, civil and labour related cases.
  • Legal emergency fast track - one 45 minute consultation with a LegalWise Network Lawyer on any matter. *
  • 24 hours telephonic legal and related advice.
  • Branch access.
  • Internal State Disciplinary processes.
  • Counselling and assistance on court procedures.
  • Negotiations and correspondence with third parties on your behalf.
  • Assistance and counselling regarding basic legal documents, such as legal contracts.
  • Debt relief matters such as settlement negotiations, consolidations, payment extensions, blacklisting assistance or even bankruptcy.

* LegalWise is unable to handle certain legal cases in-house and Members will be referred to our network of lawyers and LegalWise will pay the legal fees per case.

* This is an added benefit specific to the Gold Plus Policy.

Extended Services Benefits*

  • Debt Services
    • Uncontested and contested Rescission of Administration Orders (3 month waiting period)
  • Family Matters
    • Uncontested Divorces (12 month waiting period)
    • Maintenance for children (3 month waiting period)
    • Drafting of wills (3 month waiting period)
  • Other
    • Refund of portion of transfer fees of primary residence (12 Month waiting period)

* The Extended Services is seen as a benefit and attracts no excess fee. See the LegalWise extended services list for more details. Note that this list can be amended from time to time.